Planning a Business Lunch?

Published: 20th August 2010
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Many of us have had to attend a business lunch or meeting for work which was catered. But how many of us had to hire the catering company? Often times, these meetings are scheduled the day before - or even the morning of. If you are charged with the task of finding food for the next business lunch, don't panic. Here are some tips for catering a business lunch on short notice.

Find out who will be attending the lunch meeting. How many people will be eating? Ask your boss or the meeting executive whether or not the lunch should be casual or more upscale. This is important because you certainly will not want to order a three-course meal for an informal business lunch. Conversely, you will not want to order sub sandwiches for a room full of executives or board of directors, unless specifically asked. Of course, you may have a budget to which you need to adhere. This may also determine the type of food you purchase for your business lunch. In most cases, however, sandwiches and fruit or potato chips are ideal for an impromptu business lunch.

Try to find out what type of food the attendees prefer. If there is time, take a quick poll of the attendees and see if they have a craving for a certain type of food. You can also provide them with a choice - Mexican or Chinese food? Sandwiches or Pasta? Be careful, though. You may have a lot of differing responses, which will leave some of the attendees disappointed in your food selection. When in doubt, it is best to make the decision yourself. If you have had business lunches with these people in the past, think of some of the dishes that you know they enjoy.

Begin calling restaurants and caterers. Trying to find a caterer for business lunch on short notice can be difficult, but many catering companies expect to prepare food for business lunches and meetings with little turnaround time. When you find a caterer that is able to provide you with the food you need, ask about all of your options. Will the food be delivered or will you need to pick it up? Exactly what side dishes or condiments are included in the lunch? Does the caterer provide plates, napkins and utensils? Will they provide any heating trays (if needed)?

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