Track Building Air Leaks and Heat Loss

Published: 02nd September 2010
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Many times buildings and homes are losing heat or have air leaks that are wasting precious energy and money. One way you can tell if there might be an air leak is by looking for thermal tracking stains on the ceiling or wall. These stains are also sometimes called thermal ghosting stains. If you have these types of stains you may need to call heating repair services to check out where the air leaks in your building or home are located.

You might be asking yourself what exactly are these stains and how do I find them? Basically, thermal tracking stains are created when moist air contacts the cooler surface of a building and releases some of its moisture on the wall or ceiling as condensation. Now that this area is damp, air that moves through a building or home carrying dust and debris will begin to collect on the moist spot of the wall or ceiling creating a dark stain. A heating contractor will be able to verify whether this stain is a result of a leak and fix your central air system.

These black marks can almost always be found on the high part of walls and ceilings. This is because the heating system is pushing the air through a natural cycle up walls and across ceilings. These stains are almost always a sign of some type of air leak in a home or building. Be sure to check for these tracking stains and call a professional heating specialist today to get the air leaks fixed.

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